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Welcome to a new era. Welcome to the era of the authentic taste of natural beer. Have you ever noticed the aroma of mass-produced beer, or have you tasted its “healthy natural flavor”? We beer drinkers have been suffering for too long the insipid effervescence produced with bad taste, by each and every one of the big multinationals. Now everything is changing, and it does it quickly. The beer was not meant to be a dull, insipid and apathetic brew. The artisan sector is producing wonderful beers with real flavor and character, and in Naparbier we are proud to be part of this new era that advances towards quality and diversity and away from the globalization that popularizes our tastes. In Naparbier we are committed to making beers of the highest quality with the best ingredients, fresh and natural, which means that each Naparbier beer is 100% free of preservatives, additives and other harmful chemicals. We brew beer without concessions. Bold and irreverent beers. Beer with passion and soul. Why not join us on this trip PASSION – CREATIVITY – BEER


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